Business Tip Of The Day: Goal Setting For 2015

goal setting

Here is a 10 steps to help you set your
goals for your business for the new year:

1. Think about what you want and write it

2. Decide exactly what you want and write
it down.

3. Look  at you goals and make sure that
they are measurable.

4. Identify the reasons why you want your goal
and write them down.

970497_503661399731369_687518396_n5. Decide on the exact date you want to
accomplish your goal and write it down.

6. Make a list of action steps to accomplish
your goal.

7. Create a plan from your list of action
steps and write it down.



8. Take action (The universe rewards those who
take action)

9. Do something everyday.

10. View, visualize and speak your goals

Other tips to keep your biz moving forward…
*Focus at least 1 hr for personal development today as usual.
*Three methods of marketing ongoing
*Go for at least 20 NO’S. (Some Yes’s are bound to come your way!)
*Remember to Plug in to the trainings, calls, webinars, and hangouts and invite guests when appropriate.



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Source: Eric Lofholm;

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