How To Get An Endless Supply of Leads For Your Organo Gold Business

Original Post by Tracey Walker | Final Thoughts by Adriane E. Jolly

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So you have decided to join or are seriously evaluating starting your own OrGano Gold business. Most likely, people have only told you about the multiple benefits of the company. They told you the greatness of the product including the fact that it blends extraordinary health benefits along with the worlds number two traded commodity, coffee. What’s more, is that if your potential customers do not like coffee, they probably like tea. And OrGano Gold makes that too.

However, the representative may have underplayed the need to have a constant supply of new leads.

Without them, YOUR OrGano Gold business, or any business, cannot sustain itself.

I repeat…

“Without LEADS your Organo Gold Business cannot sustain itself!”

So how do you make the jump from terrific products to terrific sales?

It is easy to feel that you’re trapped in a spot not experiencing the financial freedom that you were hoping to achieve. Be patient, everything takes time. Speed up the process by using the following tips.

• Brainstorm about the groups that will be interested in your product. No two customers or sales are ever the same and you need to be prepared for that.
• Be confident and be yourself. Successful people don’t fit a mold but instead capitalize on their strengths. If you are confident, people will be confident in you and your product. With this, you are ready for your new leads.







3-great options for you to produce more leads for your Organo Gold Business are:

Pay Per Click advertising,
Facebook advertising, and
Self-branding on popular social media sites.

Pay Per Click advertising
You can generate quality leads quickly using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. PPC ads appear with relevant searches and charge a nominal fee for each time someone clicks on it. Essentially you are directing preexisting web traffic to garner leads specifically for your Organo Gold Business. Be sure to have a way you can capture people’s information through a lead capture page, or a mailing list. You’ll soon find you have a great list of leads.

Facebook Marketing
Almost one out of seven people in the world is on Facebook. It’s the largest captive consumer market in history. In addition, you may have noticed that the ads are almost always things you’re interested in.

This is because people (like you) take out sponsored ads connected to markets Facebook determines based on individual interests. You don’t have to guess who will want to try your product. In addition, appearing three to four at a time on your side bar, Facebook ads are easy for a lead to spot and click on. Soon they’ll arrive right where you wanted them to.

Social Media-Personal Branding
Since you’re redirecting traffic you need to brand yourself to your new audience. Supplement your PPC and Facebook advertising with intriguing statuses linked to your page. This is completely FREE and EFFECTIVE.

Try using Twitter to do this, too. The more exposure you have as “THE” OrGano Gold Business representative, the more customers and leads you will have.

Once you get these leads, sell with confidence, and you’ll soon be experiencing the level of sales in your OrGano Gold business that you desire.

Final Thoughts:

This article address the 3 main methods that we should implement when we are looking to acquire leads for business partners or customers: Pay Per Click advertising, Facebook advertising, and Self-branding on popular social media sites.

For traditional brick and mortar type businesses the main concept that must be considered and we have all heard this –Is location, location, location. What is important to an online business is exposure, exposure, exposure. To expose our business to the masses we must have leads to convert in to distributors or customers. I totally agree with the content of the article once we master these methods of marketing having leads will no longer be an issue and our business should flourish.

To Your Success and Health,

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To Receive You Must Give

givereceiveEven though this concept should be a no-brainer very few people actually get it and understand it. “Giving is a small and insignificant act that actually has tremendous effects on you and your business.”  Giving should be part of your marketing strategy if you want to get results from your online business. Helping others to be successful or solve problems is the key to a thriving and successful business.

The more people you help the more people will share what you do by word of mouth and more people will stay customers of your business. The more value you offer others the more valuable you become. Instead of focusing all of your efforts getting the sale…focus most of your efforts helping your business partners succeed and providing solutions to your customers’ problems.

Do favors for others and get favors in return…

In the book , Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini mentions the rule of reciprocation in which he says, “The rule says that we should try to repay, in kind what another person has provided us.”

Usually we feel that we are obligated when individuals do something special for us. We want to do the same for those people and do something special for them. This has been going on for centuries. People would share resources to survive and thrive. All human societies today follow the rule of reciprocation in some way.

How can you use this rule for your business? Go above and beyond with assisting business partners and customers. Give them something of value without expecting anything in return…and most often you will get something in return…a successful team and repeat customers.

Word of mouth gets around really fast…

Giving back, especially in business, indirectly benefits your brand and reputation. If you commit an act, good or bad, that energy in one way or another usually finds its way back to you. We hear that all the time…Giving back to others in with goodness in heart and mind actually help build ourselves up.

A great way to make meaningful business connections is to make your introduction to others in the form of giving value…an instructional video, an e-book, a business building tip, a motivational quote or something of value in creative way…this opens up your network reach and you will find that your kindness will be reciprocated in some way… Giving time and your expert knowledge benefits everyone…Always having a giving attitude you may also notice an increase in business relationships, customers and business partners… People want to see how your business benefits people…believe it or not they are not interested in our profits. If you are giving great customer service and going all out to support our teams, your business should grow by leaps and bounds.

To Your Success,

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