Business Tip Of The Day | Branding YOU

Branding YOU…

What do you want to be known for?

Ask yourself questions like and be very specific:

What is your style?
What is your dream career or home-business?
What is your dream business partner?
What are you best at?
What makes your business unique?
What are you offering that others just are not offering?
What are competitors are offering and you don’t
Would you join you?

Questions like these help you become bold enough to be focused. Be sure to ask yourselves these questions every six months. Why? Because needs change so rapidly…Customers, Business Partners, etc. Peoples needs change constantly.

Take a few minutes and think about and write it down What do you want tot be known for…so important in Branding YOU.

Make Everyday Great – ♥ Adriane


Business Tip Of The Day | Clarify Your Direction

Clarity is so important. To get where you are going, you need to have a clear vision (not the vision that you see with but the vision that you dream with. You want to have the big picture of what you want to create and achieve. Picture exactly what you want, and see touch and feel it in your mind so that your dream and what you want it like a magnet and attracts what you want to you. Stretch your don’t just settle for ordinary, create stretch goals that motivate you.

So once you decide on your grand vision then map out your goals and break it down so that it is clear on how you are going to get
there. Your Vision is the blueprint and your goals are the steps to building that vision.

Have S.M.A.R.T. goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound/Timely

Specific, they are precise and clear

Measurable, so that you can know that you are making progress and know when you have reached your ultimate goal.

Achievable, make your goals something that you can control and have the power to accomplish. Don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself and pressure. Start small and scale up.

Realistic, Something that you can do and believe in. This is different than vision, your vision can be a big as you want it to be. Your Vision can stretch you. Your goals is what makes your vision attainable and real. Goals break down your big vision into bite size chunks that you can believe in. If your goals are not realistic it will lead to procrastination and you will not motivated to accomplish it.

Time Bound, Set a deadline for your goals. Deadlines spur you into action and creates motivation. is your destination for all things home based business.

Business Tip Of The Day: Self Discipline


Self Discipline is one of the most powerful skill sets to have when having a home-based business. It is the ability to make yourself do things that should be done. A Daily Method of Operation or Daily Work Schedule implemented in your business is a powerful way to run your business efficiently.
Treat your business like a million dollar business!
Be Productive and Enjoy Your Day!